I N T I M A T E   E N C O U N T E R S   W I T H   N A T U R E 

Wild Dharma Eco Retreat is an exquisite ecological oasis situated on the beautiful,

wild west cost of Palawan in the Philippines.


Nestled amidst a vast expanse of pristine rainforest, our completely private

and secluded beach truly is a sanctuary for the soul.

Here at Wild Dharma you are not merely surrounded by nature, you are immersed in it. 

Awaken each morning serenaded by the myriad sounds of the rainforest; 

step outside your villa and stroll with barefoot innocence on our pristine white sand beach. 


Each sound, smell, and sight offers ways for us

to touch and be touched by 

awesome natural beauty of Palawan.

These intimate encounters with nature open in us

something fundamental and essential for the soul,

a rare and clarifying nourishment.

Wild Dharma Eco Resort aims to be a model for environmental and socially responsible development.

We are committed to integrating our key values of


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