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Nature Sanctuary and Centre for Yoga & Meditation



This website is to introduce you to the vision of

Wild Dharma Eco Resort.


This is not a public website but is being sent to several specific people we felt could be interested in being a part of our vision and might be in a position to invest in a small piece of paradise..


We have spent the last 12 months searching and researching the west coast of Palawan and the beach property we have chosen has everything we want and more. 


We have created this website to show you the vision as if it is already operational. We suggest you start with the Wild Dharma Eco Resort page.

We hope this will give you a clearer picture of our vision and inspire you to want to be part of it.


We have also included a business plan with all the research, financial and investment option details.


The images in the website are just visuals to give you an idea of the general aesthetic we are going for.

All of the images and video footage in the gallery page are of the actual beach property. 


Of course, we have no expectations you should join us in this venture and don't want you to feel put on the spot with this request, but after all our groundwork and research over the past year we feel very confident that it will bring rewards, including financial rewards to everyone involved. 


We have sent this to a number of family, friends and collegues as we hope to spread the love with the option of smaller investment packages also.

This opens the possibilty that you can be a part of this vision in a tropical paradise without over extending yourself. 

Having said that, we want to keep everything as simple and straight forward as possible.


We are set to go with this project as soon as we are successful in raising the funds needed, so please have a look through everything and let us know what you think even if you not are in a position to join us. 


We are happy to answer any questions you have, just let us know.


We hope you choose to be a part of this vision and help us get this venture off the ground. 


Many Thanks, 


Paul and Teresa




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