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Wild Dharma Eco Resort offers more than a beautiful holiday destination. We are offering

a life enriching experience. It is a purpose built retreat centre where you can explore

and participate in what is most important to you.


What we are offering is genuine encounters with the natural wonders of Palawan and its people.

We are offering a stunning natural refuge for you to recharge and reconnect. 

  There are many things you can engage with at Wild Dharma.


Really, it is up to you, you can do as much or as little as you want.


Below is a small outline of what we will be offering.



Our yoga and meditation retreats and Dharma programs encourage an intimate exploration of the human condition. 


We offer ways to cultivate a life affirming relationship to our body, heart and mind through continuing education and training in the sacred arts of yoga and meditation.


Outside of the retreats and programs, daily yoga and meditation is offered to our guests.


It is optional, of course, but this kind of daily practice can help us be mindfully available throughout the day.

It re-connects us to the deeper aspect of ourselves and the world we inhabit in a way that is enriching and transformative.

We intend to run teacher training programs in the future and professional development training and offer month-long retreats for those seeking a deeper immersion.

Everyone welcome, whether a newbie or a seasoned yogi.

Enjoy a massage or other body treatments as part of your stay with us.

All the above is part of what we call personal sustainability,

or finding ways to support optimum health and well being in body, heart and mind.

There is even the possibility to join short workshops and learn massage and bodywork yourself.



Explore the 40 hectares of pristine rainforest on our

many easy walking trails or try a more challenging hike

up the mountain behind the property for some great views. You can rest by one of the crystal clear creeks or

meditate by a waterfall. 


Relaxing in one of our simple rainforest shelters opens the possibility to discover some of Palawan's wildlife.



There are many beautiful coral reefs in the area with a stunning array of colors, textures and marine life. 


Floating wieghtless above beauty like this, when blended with the internal skills of mindfulness, can change a simple morning of snorkeling into a transformational underwater meditation.



The local people dont have much materially but they have many unique skills and a tremendous amount of knowledge of the area.


As part of our committment to development that benefits the locals, we will be offering opportunities for our guests to spend time learning from them. This could be learning how to weave a pandan mat or hammock or discovering the rainforest with the experience of a local guide.


There are many islands, deserted beaches and coral reefs we can take you to.


We will offer regular half-day or full day island hopping tours where you can explore some beautiful coral reefs and have lunch cooked for you on a deserted beach.  


Enjoy a day on the stunning waters of Palawan.

There are a number of ways you can give back to the local communities.
You can learn about coral regeneration and even help us in the propagation and replanting of local reefs.
Potter around in our organic garden or tree nursery where we are growing some of the more endangered trees of Palawan. 



If rest is what you need, then we can support you to put your stress down and your feet up.

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