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Yoga and meditation practice gently and persistently invites a full and heartfelt participation with the living moment


The time tested practice of yoga and meditation (or any embodiment practice) are and integral part of the Wild Dharma experience.

Our yoga and meditation offerings are grounded, clear and deep and include all aspects of of these vast teachings. We are fans of the deeper dimensions of practice beyond asana.

You can join us for month long in depth trainings or week long retreats, or simply join our daily practice if you feel so inclined while you are with us.

You can also host your own retreats or teacher trainings in our soul nourishing ecological oasis.

Sincere yoga and meditation practice bring us into a deeper relational intimacy with ourselves, with others and with life itself.



Wild Dharma retreats seamlessly integrate all elements of yoga into a coherent and deeply personal experience designed to bring real and lasting change to our lives. 
Our retreats are an intimate journey into the rich terrain of our inner lives where we learn to take a firm stance in the centre of ourselves.


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Your Teacher

Paul Wooden has been practicing and studying yoga and meditation for 35 years
and teaching for 30 years.
He draws from his experience in many different styles and traditions and through a practical understanding
of their underlying unifying principles, weaves together a cohesive and integrated approach to yoga.

A retreat with Paul is an invitation to the deeper dimensions of practice.


Host your own

Wild Dharma is a stunning natural oasis providing the perfect natural atmosphere
for your next retreat or training. 


Our Yoga & Meditation Retreat Centre was created specifically for the further education

and training in yoga and meditation and the transformational arts.

It offer absolute privacy, a pristine natural environment and all the facilities you need. 

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