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 Wild Dharma Eco Retreat will come in two main stages.

The property is big enough to accommodate two distinct and private areas of activity.

Wild Dharma Eco Resort 

for general eco and spa guests


Wild Dharma Retreat Village

specifically designed for groups

to conduct their yoga & meditation retreats and trainings or corporate events.

Intimate encounters with our nature and immersive experiences whether through our spa and healing centre, delicious fresh cuisine or the abundant natural beauty all around

At Wild Dharma nature herself takes centre stage and everything we do is geared toward simple immersive encounters with ourselves, with others and with the stunning natural world around us

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Wild Dharma's general aesthetic is earthy elegance, a simple rustic luxury where nature herself takes centre stage.

Everything about Wild Dharma encourages intimate encounters with the sublime natural environment. This is amply reflected in every aspect of design and construction. 

Meander through stunning rainforest discovering waterfalls, snorkling, having a massages, eating delicious healthy food, joining meditation and yoga or simply resting in a hammock with a good book. Wild Dharma is a sanctuary for the soul.



The food at Wild Dharma is an essential part of the overall experience.

Fresh, healthy meals lovingly prepared for our guests directly from our food gardens

Image by Ayurmana Ayurveda

Spa Centre

Wild Dharma offers world class healing treatments

with the complete focus on the individual guest's needs as a part of our integrated health programs specifically designed for you. Or simply at your leisure during your stay


The exquisitely beautiful setting of our retreat village offers a stunning natural refuge and absolute privacy for our guests.

Our fully equipped retreat facilities make for the perfect and totally private group experience whether you are a looking for yoga retreat or training or a corporate team building experience.


Retreat Cottages

As with the resort aesthetic the retreat cottages will also ooze charm and a simple earthy elegance.

The retreat side alone can accommodate a group 40 people and if you include the resort accommodate up to 70 pax.

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Retreat Facilities

Fully equipped yoga shala for up to 70 pax.

Audiovisual equipment.

Total privacy.

Fully catered.

Unbelievable natural environment.

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The island of Palawan is known as the Philippines final ecological frontier and has had a Biosphere Reserve status since the early 1990s.

 We are committed to looking after the pristine natural environment around us. Waterfalls, crystal clear creeks, abundant wildlife as well as our own coral gardens. Wild Dharma is also a nesting site for rare sea turtles.


Marine Protection

Being situated within the coral triangle, we intend to preserve and regenerate our coral gardens.

We are also a sanctuary for nesting turtles and we will continue the ongoing efforts towards a healthier marine environment.

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Forest Conservation

Lush pristine rainforest and abundant wildlife in all directions. The rainforest around Wild Dharma provides a rare opportunity to experience some of Palawan's unique wildlife in their own habitat. It is a stunning natural oasis.


Our aim is to become a model for an integrated sustainable development in the region. 

We are committed to development that includes the needs of the local communities. 

Whatever we do at Wild Dharma we believe the local communities should also benefit from our presence.

Health, education and work are the main issues in the area



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Health Clinic

Like most remote areas in the Philippines, access to healthcare in this part of Palawan is restricted by geography and by income.  

We plan to put up a small medical clinic that will provide primary healthcare and support the local communities.

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Income Opportunities

The local people have a tremendous amount of knowledge of the surrounding forests and oceans and many unique skills. 

We intend to help them find markets for their skills.

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