6 nights accomodation

daily breakfast

airport pick up

complimentary massage

a cultural event

and of course all sessions

Daily Program

6.45am          Pranayama & Meditation

7.30am          Yoga asana

9.15am          Breakfast

10.30am        Dharma talk & Pranayama

12.00pm        Break

4.15pm          Pranayama, restoratives,                              Inquiry & Meditation

6.00pm          Break

Paul Wooden has been exploring yoga and meditation for over 30 years has for years been interested in the deeper dimensions of yoga.

He is committed to continuing to invite the wider yoga community to explore the infinitely rich tradition of yoga beyond the physical.

In his teaching, he draws from his experience with many different styles and traditions through a practical understanding of their underlying unifying principals weave together a coherent and integrated approach to yoga.




Pranayama is an intimate process of apprenticing ourselves

to the subtle and responsive

intelligence of life.

Join us in the tranquil beauty of Bali for a week long immersion into the deeper dimensions of yoga.


Pranayama is essentially about our relationship to life,

We use the breath as a way of exploring our relationship to life, the direct living pulse of life freed from the habituated currents of our past.


Pranayama expands and enriches our capacity for feeling and invites

us to be more intimately available for the subtle felt sense of our lives.

It opens a way to enter the rich, delicate terrain of the more

subtle practices of meditation.


This retreat will be a deeper dive into

understanding the intricate interplay between the activity of mind, subtle energy and the nature of mind.

A deeper appreciation of workings of energy and mind will transform your yoga practice.

This retreat will be of great value to yoga teachers and experienced students wanting to explore the deeper dimensions of yoga.




Paul wooden is a yoga teachers' teacher.

It's hard to convey the deep richness of his teaching nor the exceptional skill and mastery that he uses in his work. 

He has a massive depth of theoretical and practical knowledge of all areas of yoga study.

Personally i consider being Paul's student to be essential to my ongoing training and development as a yoga student, yoga teacher and a student of life. thank you Paul

Clare Heywood

Director of Sun yoga

JULY 2020



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