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$1650 Aud - Early Bird
(before May 2017)


$1850 Aud



  • 6 nights' accommodation

  • Airport pick-up

  • Daily breakfast

  • Complimentary massage

  • A Cultural event

Daily Program

6.45 am      Meditation

7.30 am      Yoga asana

9.15 am       Breakfast

10.30 am     Dharma talk 

                  & Meditation

12.00 pm     Break

4.15 pm       Pranayam, Restoratives,                     Inquiry & Meditation

6.00pm       Break

Paul Wooden has been exploring yoga and meditation for over 30 years has for years been interested in the deeper dimensions of yoga.

He is committed to continuing to invite the wider yoga community to explore the infinitely rich tradition of yoga beyond the physical.

In his teachings, he draws from his experience with many different styles and traditions through a practical understanding of their underlying unifying principals weave together a coherent and integrated approach to yoga.

Join us in tranquil beauty of Bali

this July for a week long immersion

in the deeper dimensions of yoga.

The mind has a powerful influence on our lives and often unconsciously frames the way we approach our yoga practice.


By drawing the field of the mind into our  practice we can dramatically increase the scope of what unfolds for us.


In this retreat we will be cultivating a more intimate relationship with the subtle

terrain of our own minds through

inquiry, meditation,and mindful asana.

The mind holds deep and subtle templates

of tension, often unseen and more

enduring than the body.


We can find ourselves working with the

body through asana and breathwork to release these tension patterns,

but, unless we address the subtle

holding patterns in the mind,

the body and breath will continue

to return to the  influence of the mind.

The mind is an endlessly interesting

subject and a central key in yoga, 

a key to our suffering and also our understanding and freedom.





Paul  Wooden is a yoga teachers' teacher.

It's hard to convey the deep richness of

his teaching nor the exceptional skill and mastery that he uses in his work. 

He has a massive depth of theoretical

and practical knowledge of all areas

of yoga study.

Personally i consider being Paul's student

to be essential to my ongoing training and development as a yoga student,

yoga teacher and a student of life.

Thank you, Paul

Clare Heywood

Director, Sun Yoga

To book, send us an email.
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