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Your Teacher
Paul Wooden has been practicing and studying yoga and meditation for 35 years
and teaching for 30 years.
He draws from his experience in many different styles and traditions and through a practical understanding 
of their underlying unifying principles, weaves together a cohesive and integrated approach to yoga. 
 Paul is a unique voice in the world of yoga.  He has a way of bringing the sometimes abstract teaching of yoga
into ordinary language making them accessible and workable in our lives.
A retreat with Paul is an invitation to the deeper dimensions of practice.
His particular way of working opens us to the sensitivity and receptivity necessary for the subtler inner practices.
He has been running retreats for 30 years and finds them fertile ground for real transformation.
He continues to study the wisdom traditions and finds particular value in integrating the essential message of the
classical, tantric and non-dual traditions.
They each have enormous gifts to offer our inquiry.
He complements this with a more contemporary understanding of the human condition
with continued study of developmental psychology and integral theory.  

Paul has been a student of the Diamond Approach and is also attended a 3 year training of Peter Levine's trauma work (somatic experiencing) which seeks to help uncover and release the binding patterns of trauma in the body. 
The learning continues
Paul Wooden is a yoga teachers’ teacher. He offers a wonderful, eclectic blend of yoga traditions. It’s hard to convey the deep richness of his teaching, nor the exceptional skills and mastery that he uses in his work. Paul has a massive depth of theoretical and practical knowledge in all areas of yogic study. He teaches with an open heart and humility, honouring each student with deep respect, and delicately nurtures each student’s development. Personally, I consider being Paul’s student to be essential to my ongoing training and development as a yoga student, yoga teacher and student of life!
Thankyou Paul
Claire Heywood, Director of Sun Yoga
These retreats awaken me more deeply into life itself, not just as it is intepreted via my mind but directly, through my senses, my body, breathe and very being – through an experiential understanding of connectedness. Paul encourages me to open to experiencing being here with steadiness and a sense of wonder. Paul’s skills and wisdom lie essentially in inviting us to be curious about our own experience of each unfolding moment. I feel a deep gratitude for his teachings, and his willingness to share knowledge and wisdom gathered over so many years of enquiry and experience. Since beginning these retreats, I do feel more courage and grace as I move through the world, through my life and through the spiritual journey. The only word that would come close to encompassing the retreat experience for me would be “profound”.
Holly Beaumont, Yoga Dharma Life student
The opportunity to attend one of Paul’s retreats is an opportunity for me to deepen my practice and embody the ancient teachings of Yoga. Paul’s amazing wisdom and depth of knowledge allows me to release into his care and let go of all pretensions and expectations. Paul has a wonderful way of making each student feel special and valued and allows them to ‘start where they are at’. He uses plain language and his talks on some of the more philosophical aspects of Yoga are easy to understand and he encourages open discussion and questions. As a Yoga Teacher myself, attending Paul’s retreats are part of my ongoing personal development and teacher training as I find I learn so much from him and my fellow retreat participants. I give Paul’s retreats my highest recommendation.
with love, Gina McCaulay, Yoga Teacher
Paul’s teachings provided a safe place for me to open up and explore my depths. On Paul’s retreat, I gathered new tools to sculpt a more intimate relationship with my inner self. The experience is many things, but among them: profound, disassembling, humbling, energising, stabilising, expansive and, at times, blissful. The layered complexity of Paul’s retreat experience is a gift indeed. His breadth of knowledge and experience is exceptional which is why he is able to create and hold a safe place in which truth-seekers may adventure. Here is an opportunity to find sanctuary, clarity and new ways forward to a more fulfilling life.
Lisa Mitchell, yoga teacher, Melbourne
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