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We aim to promate the brand Wild Dharma worldwide. We aim to have our name be synonymous with quality with an above and beyond service team who are knowledgeable and friendly.  We will be targeting the yoga communities directly in Asia and beyond with special invitations to use our retreat facilities.

we will be using forums like agoda, and and air b&b to promote our resort. these forums have a vast reach and are afordable ways to advertise. 

We will be targeing the eco tourist both dometicallly and internationally highliting the natural and cultural wonders we can offer.





Our sales forecast is deliberately modest starting at 20% occupancy in the first year of operations.

We expect numbers to grow significantly in the second year once we have established our position in the market. In addition, when the San Vicente airport opens, somewhere around late 2016, we will be perfectly poised to take advatage of the expected further dramatic growth of the general numbers of tourists in the area.

For years I have had a dream of creating the perfect retreat environment, for myself and for other travellers needing to a secluded and safe environment for practice and further exploration.

Having spent nearly 15 years running my own yoga and healing centre in Melbourne



When i first came to Palawan I knew this was the place. It is raw enough and wild enough for what I have been looking for.

After a good 12 months we have found the perfect piece of paradise.


I wanted a place where the raw beauty of the place itself has the capacity to move us, to open in us something wild. there is something about the way wilderness reaches into an untamed part of our souls and enlivens. Something fundamental about being human comes alive in us.


This  kind of elemental encounter with nature, when supported by meditation and mindful practices and the healing arts can deepen our relational participation with the living world. 


Our retreat centre is not going to just be somewhere beautiful to have a holiday,(although this is fine too) but it will be an supported invitation to deepen our lives and connection with life.

We understand not everyone is into yoga so it is also possible to enjoy our centre in your own way.


the property is large enough to allow us to create a retreat village at one end of the property and

 to build the eco resort at the other.




apart from the personal developement We want our centre to be model for development here. as tourist developemnet is clearly on its way. we want to devop the place in a way that takes into account the needs of the local peole and the environment.

We can’t do anything about that, but we can provide a model of development that is low key and community based. One that has minimal impact on the environment and provides possibilities for the local communities rather than these communities being,  well ….simply left out of the future of the area.


Palawan was voted number one island in the world last year and tourism is inevitably on its way.



late 2015 - late 2016

We will start with the eco resort, building 5 beach villas and 5 cottages. and 5 rainforest cottages these 15 building can potentially house 30 guests. we will build a small yoga shala so we can accommodate yoga and meditation groups. but the eco resort is for any an all. we will build our kitchen, restaurant, lounge building and a simple healing spa building.

we also intend to begin the coral regeneration program and start the initial stages of the health clinic with medical missions.

funds required - PHP 25 million

land payment PHP 10 million

building costs PHP 7 million

running costs PHP 2 million

contingincies PHP 1 million


estimated income in 2016

5 million




mid 2017

The retreat village will initially comprise of 15 cottages nestled by the creek and in the rainforest. with the capacity of sleeping 30 people. we will build the main yoga shala and a simple open air lounge gathering space.

All groups will now use this space and leave the resort area for resort guests


funds required 10 million

estimated income 10 million



mid 2018

we will create a beautiful and supportive  venue for yoga, meditation and sacred arts groups to use.

a secluded and personal healing rejuvenating experience.

it is not a venue to simply sit on the beach but there are many ways to engage with the living environment.

to support the local community by creating work opportunities and building a small health clinic.

each of these element are  are explained in more detailed



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