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     Wild Dharma is more than just a stunning eco destination.  The Wild Dharma experience is an invitation to

come home to what is essential. 

Everything we do at Wild Dharma encourages a living relational participation with life through simple, intimate encounters with ourselves, with others

and with the natural world.

We offer ways to cultivate a life-affirming relationship to our body, heart and mind through continuing education and training in the sacred arts of yoga and meditation.

We welcome highly skilled visiting teachers from various

backgrounds to utilize the unique beauty of our retreat centre.


Even if yoga is not your thing, the exquisitely beautiful setting of our retreat village offers a stunning natural refuge for our guests.

 Just being immersed in such natural beauty has a profound effect on us and awakens in us a fundamental vitality and intelligence.


We can support you to explore all of this, in your own way

and at your own pace. We have no agenda other than to serve you in this process.


During the “off” season we will be running one and two month long retreats for those seeking a deeper retreat experience.

Or we can support you in your own self-guided

private retreat experience.


Wild Dharma Retreat centre‘s aim is to support and

nurture the process for us to become more mature

and integrated human beings. 


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