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Our team is committed to development that includes the needs of the local communities and

protects the environment. We aim to provide opportunities for our guest to participate in

activities that support the local communities. 


We will be leading the way and becoming a model for sustainability and environmental education

in the area, both for visitors and the local community. 


 Below are some of the ways we intend to give back to the environment and local community.





Like most remote areas in the Philippines, access to healthcare and education in this part of Palawan is restricted by geography and by income.  It is a long way for locals to travel to the nearest "health center" and most don't have the money to travel let alone medical care.
Teresa is a GP and worked for a local government unit in Palawan for 2 years and has seen firsthand the health issues faced by the the local people.
We plan to put up a small medical clinic that will provide primary healthcare and support the local communities.



The local people have a tremendous amount of knowledge of the surrounding forests and oceans and many unique skills.

This includes their traditional weaving skills, or their food and medicine gathering or making copra(harvesting of coconut flesh), and more.

We hope to open avenues for the locals to share their knowledge and skills with our guests at Wild Dharma. This will give our guests a much richer experience of Palawan and will provide an extra income for the local people.



There is a small local school across the bay from us and we intend to find ways to support the children's education there.

The local people are very poor so even to find money for school books can be a challenge for them.

We hope to be a conduit for travelling guest with a desire to connect more with the local people by offering them some of their skills.



Our coral nursery doesn't just give back to the environment but it gives back to the local comunities also.

We hope it serves as a model that clearly demonstrates the value that healthy coral reefs have on fish populations.

We hope to emulate other successful projects that encourage the locals to protect their reefs for future fishing stocks.

Our aim is not only  to encourage the locals to see the reefs as something to protect but also inspire them and support them to also start regenerating more reefs in the area.

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