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The island of Palawan has had a Biosphere Reserve status since the early 1990s and we are committed to looking after the pristine environment around us. Development is inevitable as tourism comes to Palawan.
Our team is committed to development that includes the needs of the local communities and the environment.  


Below are some of the ways we intend to give back to the environment and local community.


Palawan's rich and diverse wildife is very evident at Wild Dharma Eco Resort.

The pristine nature of our 40 hectares of rainforest provides a unique opportunity to experience some of Palawan's unique and rare wildlife in their own habitat.

Monkeys, monitor lizards, bearcats(see pic), civets, wild boar and Palawan's peacock-pheasants, and countless birds and marine life.

Wild Dharma beach is also a nesting site for sea turtles.

See more wildlife here



Palawan is situated in what is known as the world's Coral Triangle. There are countless coral reefs strewn all through the islands. Many are in very good shape but there are also many damged reefs. We have 3 small coral gardens directly off the beach in fairly good condition. We intend to start regenerating these reefs by propagating and replanting them from our own coral nursery.

A healthy coral reef means a healthy fish population.

This work will directly support the local communities who rely on the sea for most of their food and income.



We are completely off grid.  In keeping with our goal to be a zero-carbon resort, all of our energy will come from renewable sources, mainly solar and micro hydro systems.



We plan to build on the already established organic garden by growing as much food as we can to provide our kitchen with fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

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